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About us

Our lab is based on principles of the creative and dynamic approach to every project. We love making digital products and we are looking forward to creating tailored solution especially for your needs! Quality and results are at the first place for us. The people get to know you with us!

The digital lab has been established by Jiri in 2014. Those times, he was one of the first kids in Czechia, who had been made older by the government to have a possibility to do business legally. But the process of establishing Dibel started in 2012, where first orders for simple logos and websites came up. Shortly after the process, Ondra joined the agency and at those times, they managed the agency from school, but after graduation, they put in it all effort. They made together dozens of projects and startups, including a few own, for example NetAd, Presentlist, ToGo or JobJob.

What we do
01. Mobile applications iOS and Android

We are using latest technologies and most skilled people We could boast, that we made the most downloaded app on App Store and Google Play.

02. Websites

We can use almost all technologies for making websites, but React is most in our favour. We will make the websites 100% functional, accessible and traceble. We are creating e-shops, presentational websites and extensive internal systems as well.  

03. Design, UX and UI

We know how important great design is. We are one of elite in this field,  who can make attractive  and functional design for every project. Our work is also supported with the latest trends and technologies. We know how to create products, which will be loved by the users.

04. Marketing

On Facebook, Instagram and with PPC we are like a fish in the water. Good marketing is making money. We could offer a lot of experience with both our own and client`s projects. We create optimal tailored strategy for any kind of business. We often cooperate with influencers in our campaigns.

05. Analysis and planning

Everything starts with an idea. We have huge experience with creating startups, so we can analyse the market and suggest optimal solutions. We create functional prototype of the product in just couple of hours based on clients idea. We can make market analysis, find the right audience and a potential for growing.

06. Photo and video

Do you need a music video? Do you need professional product photos, which make selling products easier than ever? We can handle almost everything from simple photo or video shooting to postproduction and following consultation with you.